Psychotherapy and Counseling

Counseling and Psychotherapy have some similarities and some differences.  Both develop a healing, mutually respectful, therapeutic relationship.  Both create a space where compassion and respect can reach a common goal of improving someone’s life.  Coming to a better understanding of feelings and behaviors in involved in both.

Some differences include the following:

Counseling techniques tends to address specific problems or goals, such as grief, a particularly stressful situation, improving performance or some types of addiction.  It tends to be present-focused and relatively shorter-term, lasting a few to several months. Psychotherapy techniques, on the other hand, addresses the root of issues, explores the effects of past on the present and particular patterns of behavior.  It tends to be longer-term and focuses more widely.

I have extensive training and experience (since 2007) providing both counseling and psychotherapy.  I commonly move seamlessly between both types of techniques during sessions, if that is what is necessary to help.

I have expertise helping with many types of issues.  You can find a list of these in the Clinical Specialties section.

The counseling services I provide are:






Group Counseling – I am not currently accepting members for groups

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