Erin provides compassionate counseling, psychotherapy and consultation as part of a large, seasoned, collaborative team of providers, “Collaborations in Clinical Care” in Canton, MA. The benefit of being a part of a collaboration such as this is that providers with specialties in various disciplines such as psychological testing, medication management, family therapy, art and expressive therapies, couples counseling and more are available for referrals and/or consultation, when appropriate. When these types of referrals are necessary, collaborating providers are able to communicate, coordinate and devise effective treatment strategies effectively.

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Services for adults and adolescents (ages 12+) who are dealing with difficult life issues including depression, anxiety, relationship issues, self-harming behaviors, addiction, postpartum issues and infertility.  She also provides services for people who are looking to make a change in their lives, enhance their performance in school, work, sports or the performing arts or have found an obstacle in life that they would like assistance in overcoming.  Here you will find a list of areas of specialty and expertise. Here you will find more information about psychotherapy and counseling.

Comprehensive Assessments

Comprehensive adult and adolescent biopsychosocial assessments are made during the first few appointments. Questionnaires, the interview with you as well as contact with other treatment providers (if necessary) provide information required to assess biological, social and psychological contributions to the issues you want to address. More information about assessments is found here.

Consultation and Clinical Supervision

Consultation services may be provided to mental health providers who do not have a particular area of expertise needed for someone they are treating, other professionals who do not have an expertise in mental health or addiction issues or to schools. Clinical supervision is available for master’s level clinicians working toward an LMHC license in MA. More information about consultation and supervision services is found here, including in what areas and for which conditions I have a level of expertise and experience appropriate to be able to provide consultation.



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